Gisele Losso was born in Florianópolis, an island located in South region of Brazil. She moved to Rio de Janeiro when she was seven and then back to her hometown during high school. 

She got a BA in Journalism at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. She used to be a student activist and she has volunteered for many non-profits in Brazil, Peru and the USA. In 1999, she spent 3 months in the Amazon teaching production and speech for non-profit radios.

In 2000, she decided to travel to learn English and fell in love with California.

In 2004, she became a Berlitz Certified Teacher. Then she started  teaching Portuguese in 2 language schools in Los Angeles. First as simply as a hobby but little by little classes started to take over: “I’ve always enjoyed helping people, learning languages and talking about cultural differences. Teaching was the next step. I love to share this knowledge and also learn about my country from their experiences.”, she says.

Gisele has taught people in financial businesses, the entertainment industry (including an Oscar winner), spouses of Brazilians, and travelers. She has also helped actors improving their pronunciation for movies shot in Brazil.

She has traveled all over Brazil and has learned a lot about different accents and colloquial language. 

She once taught a group of 20 students of different nationalities in a cruise ship to Portugal. She has also helped with translation and pronunciation for a wedding proposal. 

Besides teaching Portuguese, she also works as a localization specialist, translator and video curator.