Most series of classes include 8 lessons. 

Classes, in general, are a combination of grammar and conversation. We work a lot on pronunciation and we talk about daily activities, cultural immersion and colloquial expressions.

  • All sessions (except online) are usually either 8 weekly classes of 90 minutes or 6 weekly classes of 120 min.
  • A variety of materials are used in class such as illustrations, books, internet, magazines but overall we practice a lot of conversation.
  • I talk about different accents and the difference between written and spoken Portuguese in Brazil.
  • I always recommend one Portuguese book to work in class.
  • Please be prepared to dedicate sometime for homework in order to advance your level.
  • Classes are dynamic and casual with an intense level of students participation.


Let’s remove the stressing components of our lives like parking and traffic. The convenience of our homes, cheaper rates and no late arrivals. Video conference class has also the face-to-face interaction and the possibility to save the chat for future reference.

60-minute classes through Skype or Google Hangout.

$270 First level . (total of 8 hours)


Face to face. Flexible, for people who don’t have a regular schedule or don’t want to worry about everybody else’s pace. Classes tailored for your needs. Packages cost in general

$480 for first series, total of 12 hours. (Prices may vary according to driving distance and time).


2 people. A little less flexible but the possibility of practicing with another student.

$270 (12 hours)


3 to 6 people, weekly sessions. Least flexible in terms of schedule but good if you like to work in a group. Groups happen by demand whenever there is a minimum of 3 people in one area ready to start.

$210 (12 hours).


PRICES MAY VARY ACCORDING TO DRIVING DISTANCE AND TIME. For face-to-face classes, minimum of 90 minutes class.


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