Each series of classes has 8 lessons. 

Classes, in general, are a combination of  Grammar and conversation. We talk about daily activities, cultural immersion and colloquial expressions.

  • All sessions (except online) are usually either 8 weekly classes of 90 minutes or 6 weekly classes of 2 hours.
  • A variety of materials are used in class such as illustrations, books, internet, magazines but overall we practice a lot of conversation.
  • I talk about different accents and the difference between written and spoken Portuguese in Brazil.
  • I always recommend one Portuguese book to work in class.
  • Please be prepared to dedicate sometime for homework in order to advance your level.
  • Classes are dynamic and casual with an intense level of students participation.


I am a big fan of not dealing with parking and traffic anymore. Let’s remove the stressing components of our lives. 60 minutes classes through Skype or Google Hangout.

$270 First level . (total of 8 hours)


Face to face. Flexible, for people who don’t have a regular schedule or don’t want to worry about everybody else’s pace. Classes tailored for your needs. Packages cost in general

$480 for first series, total of 12 hours. (Prices may vary according to driving distance and time).


2 people. A little less flexible but the possibility of practicing with another student.

$270 (12 hours)


3 to 6 people, weekly sessions. Least flexible in terms of schedule but good if you like to work in a group. Groups happen by demand whenever there is a minimum of 3 people in one area ready to start.

$210 (12 hours).


PRICES MAY VARY ACCORDING TO DRIVING DISTANCE AND TIME. For face-to-face classes, minimum of 90 minutes class.


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