How long does it take to become fluent?

I‘ve had some students that became fluent in 6 months and some other students took them around 4 years. It really depends on how much effort you put into it. Besides the class, try some extra activities like listening to music, reading pages online and studying/practicing as much as you can. It’s necessary to have dedication and passion in order to learn a new language.

Besides being able to communicate in another language, studies show that studying languages is the best exercise for your brain.

How do group classes work?

It happens by demand whenever I can match the schedule of 3 people in one area and find a suitable place to teach. Please always let me know how far you are willing to drive, your availability and location. 

How big are group classes?

Groups are between 3 to 6 people. 

Where do you teach?

Libraries, coffee shops, Brazilian restaurants, people’s houses, or parks. I don’t have an office because I teach in different neighborhoods.

Do you use any book?

Yes, I work with different books depending on the class but usually all in Portuguese.

Do you teach online?

Definitely. As an immigrant, Skype has been my best friend for a long time. Little by little, most of my classes are turning into online classes. It saves time and gas and we are all about convenience here, right? Most of us just can’t spend hours in traffic anymore.

How can I pay?

Cash, Venmo or Paypal. For packages and/or groups, full payment is required on the first day of class.

Why should I prefer a tutor other than a school?

In a school, you don’t know how experienced the teacher is or their background. They often hire people with low to no experience because of low salaries (that’s how I started). I have been teaching for over a decade mixing colloquial and proper Portuguese. Also, I offer less bureaucracy and more flexibility in terms of scheduling and students’ needs. I make sure everybody practices a lot of speaking.

My groups are small and therefore opportunities for more conversation and interaction.  Besides, it is more affordable, especially for private classes


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