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Great site that shows mouth/tongue movements for Portuguese pronunciation.


Here is a website about Brazilian slangs. Enjoy it!

Classes in March 2013

Mondays in Downtown

  • Beginner C – 6pm
  • Intermediate – 8pm

Tuesdays in Eagle Rock

  • Advanced Grammar – 6pm
  • Beginner A – 8pm

Wednesdays in Santa Monica

  • Beginner A – 5:15pm

Thursdays in El Segundo

  • Intermediate B – 5:15pm
  • Beginner B – 7:15pm

Each session lasts 8 weeks. Some classes are about to start, some are ongoing. People can always start anytime in case they are in the same level.



I hope everybody had good holidays. I have been in Brazil for a month to help my mother in a surgery. I am coming back this week with new groups and totally renewed energy after the warmth in the Southern Hemisphere.

Group classes

Mondays – Beginner C in Downtown

Tuesdays – Intermediate A and Advanced in Eagle Rock

Wednesdays – Beginner B in El Segundo

I might start a beginner A in Santa Monica Adj. on Thursdays.

Group classes coming up

Beginner’s group class starting on March 20th.
Saturdays in Hollywood – 10:30am to 12pm
8 classes for $160.