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Diferença entre ‘por’ e ‘para’

Most people learning Portuguese have a hard time using ‘por’ e ‘para’. Here is some explanation:

Não tem como te explicarmos a diferença porque dependendo do contexto o significado muda. O que posso te dizer é que “fazer por você” dá a ideia de que tu estás fazendo algo no lugar de outra pessoa enquanto “fazer para você” dá uma ideia mais geral, como alguém te pedindo para fazer algo, então tu fazes por isso.

Vou fazer compras para você. = I will go shopping and I will buy you some stuff. You may or may not have asked me to buy anything but I will.

Vou fazer compras por você. = I will go shopping in your place. You are supposed to go but since you won’t or can’t I will.



Brazilian movies

There is an YouTube channel with over a 100 Brazilian movies, including a lot of classics from the 60s and 70s.

Classes in March 2013

Mondays in Downtown

  • Beginner C – 6pm
  • Intermediate – 8pm

Tuesdays in Eagle Rock

  • Advanced Grammar – 6pm
  • Beginner A – 8pm

Wednesdays in Santa Monica

  • Beginner A – 5:15pm

Thursdays in El Segundo

  • Intermediate B – 5:15pm
  • Beginner B – 7:15pm

Each session lasts 8 weeks. Some classes are about to start, some are ongoing. People can always start anytime in case they are in the same level.