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Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation

Onde, Donde, Aonde


I was resistant at first but I just restarted teaching online classes. I have done it before when I worked at Berlitz but we couldn’t see the person. With video calls, there’s a better interaction. 


Essential sentences for beginners

Practice, practice, practice

I always tell my students to use as many tools as you can to practice Portuguese. Watch movies, watch novelas, watch videos on YouTube, read online newspapers, blogs, read stuff out loud and of course, listen to music.

Brazilian music is famous for its different rhythms. You can find slow songs such as chorinho ou bossa nova; and fast ones like frevo. Find a song and the correspondent lyrics and sing along even if you don’t understand the meaning.

Videos – In the beginning, do not worry about understanding the whole content. Start with easy videos and gradually move to more difficult ones. Repeat words that you already know because it helps to memorize more vocabulary.

Basically, get your ears used to the language and recognize words you are learning.

There is an App on iTunes that offers lots of Brazilian radio stations. It’s called TuneIn Radio. Image



After a long search for a place to teach, I have found a perfect room for our beginner group in Downtown.

Every Monday at 7:30

Starting on August 13th.


Starting in El Segundo an intermediate/advanced group on Thursdays evenings. In case there is demand, I will also start a beginner group. 


Beginner group in July

Planning to start a new group in either Pasadena or downtown. 


start date: 07/11

end date: 08/29


Books for sale

Today I found another website that sells books in Portuguese, mostly books for kids. Check  Educa Brazil

New groups

Starting a new beginner group in Burbank on Tuesdays at 3pm. Next week. 

Você fala bem português? Entende os tempos verbais? Vamos fazer um grupo avançado com prioridade em conversação.